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Couples Counseling

I mainly work with couples from the lens of my training with Terrance Real and his Relational Life Therapy. With this type of therapy, it is much more directive and gives many tools to use. We work on figuring out your relational "dance" and then attempt to intervene on that level so we can make changes across the board and not only resolve one issue on the surface. Oftentimes these couples are on the brink of divorce and have one foot (or more) out the door. 

BUT that doesn't mean I only work with couples in crisis! I love working with couples at any stage because I believe this stuff works and I want to share it with as many couples as possible before they reach the point of calling it quits. I work with couples who are:

  • Engaged or considering whether to get engaged and begin a marriage. 
  • Newlyweds who have discovered that maintaining a healthy relationship after a year or two of marriage takes work! 
  • Dry and stuck. Couples who have developed a rut with caring for kids and want to revitalize the connection they once had. 
  • Dealing with infidelity. Trust has been broken, but it can be repaired and intimacy can be restored. 
  • Traumatized. Where one or both partners has unresolved trauma that is showing up in the relationship, and they're finally ready to deal with it. 
  • Healthy already and want to keep investing in their relationship to build even better communication and long-lasting intimacy.  
  • Not a couple! I see individuals all the time to develop relationship skills. Whether your partner is unwilling to participate in therapy or you don't have a partner at the moment, this methodology will make you better at relating, which will improve every relationship you a part of. 

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