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Life is hard. We get messages from family, friends and social media telling us to be happy and life is easy, but our minds sometimes interpret these messages in a negative way. We think that the reason we are not happy is because there is something wrong with us.

While life IS hard, you can rest assured it is not because something is wrong with you!

Life should be all about growth, about understanding the messages our brain tells us and interpreting them in a positive way. When we stop growing, we start to die - not in the literal sense, but spiritually.

We start to live a life that resembles more of a robot on autopilot than a human being.

And the worst part of it all is we rarely recognize it is even happening. Even if you are extremely self-aware and notice the changes, most of us are not equipped to understand its origins, and even less are capable of changing it. That’s why the role of a therapist is so critical to your emotional well-being. It’s not what you feel right here and now, but the underlying reasons that cause the pain.

A therapist can help you understand the pain and help you along your journey of self-awareness and recovery.

Whether you experience symptoms of anxiety, depression, loneliness, or despair, getting to the underlying causes of these symptoms is the only way to change them. Many of these underlying causes start so early in life that we do not even know they are happening. We are programmed early in life to react to situations in certain ways. If the programming is loving and positive, our reactions are loving and positive. If our programming is flawed, then our reactions later on in life will be the same. If we only change these reactions on the surface, they will keep coming back.

So how can we be more in the moment?

How can we enjoy the little things to their fullest?

How can we be more like that spontaneous little kid that looked at the world as a playground to be explored, not a series of burdens to be endured?

We have to connect with that little kid and feel our feelings in order to work through them to be able to live our lives fully as the functional adults we were meant to be. My method of therapy helps unlock that potential, and I invite you to reach out and learn more.

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